Roulette Payouts

In this article we’ll look at the various roulette payouts. The payouts on each bet vary, and the amounts you can win will depend on the number of chips you bet. The payout odds are multiplied by the number of chips you bet, and the number of winning numbers that appear on the wheel. For example, you’d win 70 chips if you bet two chips on a single number. That’s not bad at all!

Inside bets have the best roulette payouts, and they’re the best way to start for newcomers. Inside bets are the safest way to place a bet, and they give players a chance to win big on every spin without putting all of their money at risk. The straight bet, for example, pays out 35-1 when the ball lands on a single number. The split bet, on the other hand, pays out 17-1 when two numbers appear adjacent to each other.

You can use a roulette payout chart to compare the odds for various types of bets. A fixed call bet, for instance, has a different payout than a standard red or black bet. Another type of bet is a variable bet. These bets include the neighbours and the finals. The probability of winning a variable bet varies from 8.1% to 10.8%. If you play roulette for fun, you should pay attention to the payouts on the simple bets because the multipliers are lower and the more complex bets have higher payouts. In fact, a simple number is the only way to score big in roulette.

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